For CityDAO Citizens looking to improve their writing skills, build a writing habit, and connect with other CityDAO Citizens

Shape the future of crypto cities.
Start writing online.

Join fellow CityDAO Citizens for the FREE CityDAO Writers Cohort starting November 25th.

Writing online is hard.
It's lonely, intimidating, and tough to stay consistent.

But writing is a core skill in web3.

Join the CityDAO Writers Cohort

The CityDAO Writers Cohort is a 3-week cohort-based writing program made specifically for CityDAO Citizens.
This cohort will help you:

1). Build a writing habit and finally gain the confidence to hit publish
2). Establish your voice and grow your online presence
3. Connect with other CityDAO Citizens

The program is simple.

  • Publish a 1000-word blog post every week for 3 weeks

  • Join 4 live workshops to meet others, give and receive feedback on your writing, and discuss the future of crypto cities

  • Participate in a 4-day cohort onboarding (including over 20 pages of writing resources, guides, and frameworks)

  • Join our dedicated cohort channel to support your journey

Join the CityDAO Writers Cohort


The CityDAO Writers Cohort is operated by Taptive.Taptive helps writers write by running writing-focused cohort-based courses for communities.Taptive has run 15 writing cohorts for communities like 1729, BanklessDAO, IndiGG, and others helping writers publish 650+ essays online.

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